Branded Photos & Videos For Your Products

Influee is a network of content creators that will create custom UGC photos & videos for your products.

Lifestyle Videos

for Dressbarn

Product Usage Photos for Peach Booty Plan

Product Usage Photos

for Peach Booty Plan

Testimonial Videos


Unboxing Videos

for Filippo Loreti

Flatlay Photos for EQUA

Flatlay Photos

for EQUA

Product Videos

for PastBook

Lifestyle Photos for Layoners

Lifestyle Photos

for Layoners

Looping Videos

for Eterika

Lifestyle Photos for Argeta

Lifestyle Photos

for Argeta

Unboxing Videos

for Remembear

Closeup Photos for JoyResolve

Closeup Photos

for JoyResolve

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Custom Branded Content to Make Your Ads Stand Out

We provide you with hand-picked creators who will create highly engaging User Generated Photos and Videos according to your specifications.

Order Branded Content For Your Products

Order any creative you can imagine:

  • review or testimonial videos
  • unboxing videos
  • product show off videos
  • lifestyle photos with or without models
  • or custom content created by your brief

Branded Photos & Videos For Your Products

How Does Influee Work?

Create Your Brief

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Get Content Delivered

Create Your Brief

The first step for you is to fill out your brief. You will need to choose what type of content you're looking to receive and add detailed instructions and reference content for the creators.

Once the brief is ready, it will be reviewed by our team, and if necessary, we will provide some expert input.

This whole process takes only a few minutes.

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Curated Database of Top Creators

Creating great content is hard and not everybody can do it. That's why each creator on our platform, is manually vetted for their content making abilities.

Campaign brief
Variety of content

Variety of Content Enables More Testing

By activating multiple creators from different locations, Filippo Loreti is able to gather a wide variety of photos and videos. With all this content they are able to perform 3x as many test as before and find winning creatives faster.

Content of Real People Using Your Products

User Generated Content (UGC) produced by our creators gives a feeling of a native Facebook & Instagram content – just like the pictures that your customers expect to see of friends and family on Facebook. UGC also serves as a great social proof as it features real people interacting with your products. All of that results in much more eye catching Ads.

Real people using your products
Content usage rights

Content Usage Rights

For every photo or video created by our creators you will be granted usage rights to use that content on your ads and on other digital mediums.

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